Our mission is to highlight your beauty

Hair soaks up emotions, yearns for inspiration and is always open to new ideas. It reveals a lot about your style and personality, and gives you a means of displaying your individual taste to the outside world.

Andrea Kehl has created an international brand that combines the art of looking good with the exceptional skill required to do so in a truly unique way.

Andrea Kehl has won numerous awards over her 25-year career as a top stylist to figures in the public eye and prominent members of society. She draws on her wealth of experience to create captivating looks not only for fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines, but also for a large number of international photo shoots and red carpet events.

Andrea Kehl and her team have dazzled clients from around the world with their artistic flair for hair and beauty. 

Because Andrea Kehl listens. She sees what other people don't. She brings out what's contained within.